New Zealand House and Garden May 2013

Simon Strong's 'Between Light and Shadow' 2010 seen in Jarrod Haberfield and David O'Connell's Toorak home. Photography: Shannon McGrath

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“New world born of ancient myths”

Simon Strong has developed a weird and spooky body of work that draws upon mythological traditions. Called The Green Wood, the prints at John Buckley Gallery belong to a kind of digital Gothic, representing a fantasy land of hybrid beings, bedevilled hollows, erotic dryads, stumps and carcasses of trees that grow into figures who burn and rape, seductive gardens, blasted architecture and calming rain. In all, it makes a lurid convulsive photographic landscape of swoon and nightmare.

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Simon Strong in PHOTO+ Magazine (Korea)

I just received my copy in the mail and it's very exciting. Photo+ is in its first year and the magazine has already showcased some amazing work. A big thanks to the beautiful and tireless editor Kim ARam for making this happen - thanks for being so patient with me!

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Recent blogs…

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Ok, so our Japanese is a little rusty these days, but there are pretty pictures! Special thanks to our good friend Jason Mowen for being our best spokesperson in Sydney. Please drop into his store at 34 Redfern Street, Redfern NSW if you're in the area.

And so, from Japan to Italy:

Simon Strong in Noovo Editions Talenti Photographers space (October)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Australian Art Collector Magazine


Collaborative work "Sarcoplasm" featured on the cover of Australian Art Collector magazine, July-Setember / 2010 Melbourne Art Fair issue. The issue features an 8-page profile on Simon Strong, and includes works from the upcoming solo exhibition "The Green Wood" which will show at Martin Browne Fine Art, Sydney from 22nd July 2010.

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500 Photographers by Pieter Wisse (and more…)

I was recently included  on the blog www.500photographers.com (see it here)

Netherlands based photographer Pieter Wisse has set himself the task of adding 5 photographers a week for 100 weeks to his weblog. He's already included some of my favourite photographers, and several others with exciting work whom I didn't know, so it's worth taking a look. I'm sure the site will end up being a useful resource to photographers and those that appreciate photography.

I also stumbled across an entry about my work on Lifelounge. I loved the witty-but-spot-on commentary by "Georgia":

"I don’t feel so concerned anymore that my work needs to be immediately comprehensible. I’m consciously allowing concepts to evolve and develop in a less linear fashion. I’m enjoying the possibilities presented by a more enigmatic or mysterious tone...where you only get glimpses of what may be a more encompassing psycho- drama..." - Simon Strong.

In other words, you're not meant to 'get' Simon Strong's work. We're not expecting you to sit in front of your computer screen for twenty minutes, psychoanalysing the darkest corners of these images. instead, take them for what they are: a little bit fucked up and a whole lot aesthetically saturated. In fact, if you do manage to pull some freaky-deaky voodoo meaning out of Strong's work, you should probably considering booking in for another session with your shrink: there's nothing normal about glowing cabbages.

His heavily layered and constructed photographs seem both familiar and surreal at the same time. Strong plays with the idea of normalcy: how far can you push the boundaries of the visual image before we begin to disregard it? Embrace the wack-ness. Naked bodies are rarely sexual, men are nonsurplussed when trapped inside glass boxes, and having a string of Christmas lights spew from someone's open mouth like an escaping fiberoptic tape worm seems perfectly ho-hum.


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