Cover Magazine Summer 2015

The Doble & Strong Rug Collection by Behruz Studio, profiled in UK Cover Magazine, Summer 2015

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Vogue Living Australia March-April 2015

Jason Mowen profiled in Vogue Living with works by Doble & Strong.

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Jason Mowen in Belle October 2014

Robert Doble and Doble & Strong works appear in this beautiful Sydney interior by Jason Mowen, featured in Belle, October 2014

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Interior+Design Russia

Interview with Jason Mowen with works by Doble & Strong and Robert Doble

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New Zealand House and Garden May 2013

Simon Strong's 'Between Light and Shadow' 2010 seen in Jarrod Haberfield and David O'Connell's Toorak home. Photography: Shannon McGrath

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bric-a-brac #11

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“New world born of ancient myths”

Simon Strong has developed a weird and spooky body of work that draws upon mythological traditions. Called The Green Wood, the prints at John Buckley Gallery belong to a kind of digital Gothic, representing a fantasy land of hybrid beings, bedevilled hollows, erotic dryads, stumps and carcasses of trees that grow into figures who burn and rape, seductive gardens, blasted architecture and calming rain. In all, it makes a lurid convulsive photographic landscape of swoon and nightmare.

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Photofile Magazine #91

Doble & Strong on the cover of the Edition 91 and the last issue of Photofile. The issue includes the article "Fecund Bodies" by magazine editor Ashley Crawford.

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Doble & Strong in Inside Out Magazine

Inside Out Christmas Edition 2010

For the Staff Wish-List in Inside Out Magazine's Christmas Edition, Art Editor Lauren Camilleri writes:

"A slightly extravagant way to start my grown-up art collection, perhaps, but if money was no issue, this collaboration between Melbourne-based artists Robert Doble and Simon Strong would be at the top of my Christmas wish list."


Simon Strong in PHOTO+ Magazine (Korea)

I just received my copy in the mail and it's very exciting. Photo+ is in its first year and the magazine has already showcased some amazing work. A big thanks to the beautiful and tireless editor Kim ARam for making this happen - thanks for being so patient with me!

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