M Magazine, The Sunday Age

Fashion designer, Yeojin Bae featured on the cover of M Magazine, The Sunday Age, 6 June 2010. Photographed in the apartment of Robert Doble, she speaks to the magazine:

“Rather than pick and all-time favourite, I’ve picked a favourite out of recent exhibitions I’ve been to, ” says fashion designer Yeojin Bae of her selection: some prints by local painter Robert Doble and photographer Simon Strong.

“They’re two very individual artists in their own right, and this is the first time they’ve done a collaboration,” she says. “It’s interesting to see how their different styles came together.

“What I particularly love about these studies is the female bodies overlaid with beautiful abstracts, splashes of paint, which almost made it feel like they were wearing abstract pieces of fashion,” says Bae. “They might not have been thinking of fashion at all, but I liked it. They’re really quite beautiful.

“And I like quite graphic colours and shapes, so the silhouettes and shapes created by the paintwork definitely appealed to me.”

Bae is always looking for inspiration, and love visiting Doble’s house, where the painter has some dazzlingly eclectic works. “When you’re a designer yourself, you’re constantly working on new collections. That’s the fun thing about what we do; creating something new each time.”


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